BAILEY GUITARS CROWDFUND: A Guitar Making Revolution

1 December 2016

BAILEY GUITARS CROWDFUND: A Guitar Making Revolution

As some of you may know, I am extremely proud, over the moon even, with my favourite instrument: my custom, handcrafted-with-100%-green-energy electro-acoustic guitar. To me it is special. It is a Bailey Guitar, made by Mark Bailey in Ayr, Scotland. What is more, Mark doesn’t just make acoustics of different shapes and sizes. He makes electric guitars, archtops, ukuleles, basses, and even the odd bouzouki from time to time.

Unfortunately, Mark and his small but ultra-devoted team are in grave danger of losing their workshop and all they have worked for. In order to save their factory, they have set up a lovely crowdfund page so that the generous folk amongst you may wish to donate a small (or large) amount to help with this beautiful, artisanal and unique cause. Additionally, as Mark himself describes, there are some AWESOME perks and prizes if you sign up to give…Here be the link to the page:

Here is also the link to Bailey Guitar’s website where you can see how ridiculously fine Mark’s craftsmanship really is:

Visit The Official Crowd-fund Page