New Compilation – Save Bailey Guitars

17 December 2016

New Compilation - Save Bailey Guitars

How often do the little guys, the underdogs win? For those who’ve given to Bailey Guitars’ crowdfund campaign, aiming to help the “greenest” guitar maker in Europe stay in business, THANK YOU…Here is something to fuel that fire: a new, unique and NATIONWIDE, genre-breaking compilation album where all proceeds go directly to Team Bailey to keep their business alive.

The songs on this huge double album are not only ones by Bailey Guitar players – though there are many on it – but also other musicians who I know and who’ve donated special tracks for this one cause: to Save Bailey Guitars. I’d like to thank each of the 25+ artists on this album personally. Who are they? Find out by clicking the link, downloading and sharing this album now and help aid an ethical + extremely hardworking company continue its passion.

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